Church Structure

SCF gov 2011

Vision: To Win Souls & Make Disciples

Goal:   Everyone a Person of Influence

The Church Elders are responsible for the implementation of SCF’s vision, “to win souls and make disciples and goal, everyone a person of influence.”  They hold the Pastors/teachers accountable for sound Biblical doctrine, as well as monitoring the churches budget. The Elders also make sure the Senior Pastor’s marriage is above board. We also have a mediation board for any disputes that might arise in the church.

What denomination affiliation do you have?

We are an independent church and not a part of any denomination. We have good relationship with the churches in our county and work together on many issues. You can view the statement of faith to see what we believe on various Doctrinal Issues. We are a Charismatic church, which has what is called a world view. We believe the Bible is inerrant and is the Master’s plan for our lives.

How is your Church’s Accountability Structured?

See above diagram

Do you believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Yes, there are a number of scriptural references that strongly indicate that we all need the power of the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:8, Acts 2:1-4 and Acts 19:1-5 show how important it is. There is also a D12 lesson Baptism of the Holy Spirit available. We believe that speaking in tongues is possible when you are filled with the Spirit but it is just one of many evidences of this great experience.

Do you believe in miracles for today?

Yes, we believe miracles are an important part of a believer and a church’s daily walk. Jesus said in John 14:12, “that the works that He did we would do also.” He never implied that would stop at any time. We believe that working miracles (I Corinthians 12) is an active part of church life, so everyone is encouraged to pray and expect miracles.

Does your church encourage the Gifts of the Spirit to operate?

Yes, we believe in the “Gifts” to operate in an orderly way. In the corporate gathering, we ask that the person in charge of the meeting be checked with before a tongue or prophecy is given. We want to know the person who is giving the tongue or prophecy and then that prophecy or interpretation will be judged. We believe the best place for the “Gifts” to operate is in our small groups where there is a more family environment. The other “Gifts” will move in a more private way unless the person in charge senses that there is to be a time for laying on of hands then we would expect the Gift of Faith, Working of Miracles, and Gift of Healing to operate through all that are praying.

Who can pray for people in the church meetings?

The Pastoral Staff, Elders, and Ministry Team members are asked to pray during any ministry time in a corporate meeting. If you feel the Lord is asking you to pray for someone, ask their permission and ­­­­if they allow it, pray and expect results.

How do I become a member of your church?

We do not have membership but we do have a church covenant that we like people to look at and be in agreement with. Church 101 explains our vision and will give you the opportunity to sense if this is the place where the Lord wants you to grow and serve.

Do you believe in deliverance?

Yes, we do believe in deliverance! We know the devil is real and comes to steal, kill and destroy. Deliverance is needed when you are aware of spiritual pressure against you preventing success in an area, or when there is a constant cycling of dysfunction.

How do I know I am going to heaven?

First, confess out loud that you believe in your heart that Jesus was and is real and He was the Son of God. He walked the earth and was crucified and rose again for your sins and this understanding caused you to proclaim your belief. You are never saved by works but simply because of the Lord’s great love.

How do I grow in my Christianity?

It is very important to read your Bible every day. Even if you don’t understand everything, take what you do and act on it the best you can with the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Pray to God by just having a conversation with Him --- talk and listen. We believe in small group Bible studies called D12 and are convinced that we grow best with other people around us. Accountability of fellow believers helps us become more Christ-like in all that we do.

Why do you call the groups D12?

D12 stands for discipling 12 and it comes from the example that Jesus gave when spending time with his apostles.

How do I get into a small group?

You can sign up on-line here. Sign up at the D12 counter in the foyer or call the church office at 658-7646, ext. 20.