CityKidz is a weekly program that shares Godly values from the Bible with boys and girls. Our goal has been to partner with families and teachers to help kids succeed in school and at home. We are reaching that goal and beyond. 

Several times a week CityKidz volunteers load the trucks with sound equipment, games, costumes, prizes and snacks and head out to the Ventura and Oxnard communities to bring kids and their families a message of hope. They are invited to participate in an exciting upbeat Bible program that includes consistent, dynamic worship, scripture memorization and a Bible story presentation. 

There’s still more to accomplish. As you continue to read about the program, we pray that you will open your heart to see if there is a place for you on the team, become a prayer partner or give financially.

The CityKidz Program allows us to stretch the hand of God further than we anticipated. We now have an after-school program, are visiting CityKidz families, bringing kids to church, reaching out to CityKidz families through Neighborhood Action and have Discipling Groups. 

Our ultimate goal is to equip people to do the work of the ministry. We desire everyone to be released into ministry and able to give away what God has given them. It’s exciting to see children, teens and adults give back to their community and demonstrate the love of God.

Visiting CityKidz Families 

Each week we knock on the doors of the families that attend the CityKidz programs to remind them to participate, ask if they need prayer and drop off groceries. If we see a need, we reach out. 

SCF has been reaching out with the the CityKidz program since 2006. We’ve seen many of the children grow into teens and are now helping with the program, join the SCF Intern Program and bring their families to church. 

Bilingual D12 Groups 

Our goal is to invite families to church and encourage them to join a Spanish or English-speaking D12 group. A few groups have already started. If you speak Spanish and would like to help in this area, you are greatly needed. 

Neighborhood Action 

Through the CityKidz Program, we’ve discovered ways to reach families that may need help with yard work, repairs or cleaning. We’ve helped the elderly, single parents and the disabled with projects and have participated in local community beautification work at a number of sites. It’s a great area for D12 groups to come together as a team for one or two days a year to use their talents and to demonstrate the love of God.

After-School Programs 

The current program is held during the school year. It’s a safe environment where kids can come to get help with homework, receive tutorial services, and be physically active through outdoor activities. It’s a great opportunity to disciple young people in the Word every day. If you are in the education field, love sports and want to help guide kids in the right direction, this is a good opportunity for you. 

Invite Families to Church 

Many of the CityKidz children love to come to the weekend services with their families. SCF offers shuttle services to and from church on Sunday. We also serve the kids lunch before they are taken home. You can use your own vehicle to drive kids to and from church, or if you have a class B license you could help drive the SCF vans. Serving lunch to the kids is another great way to help. 

SCF’s Future Gymnasium | Multi-Purpose Building 

Presently, the future site is being used as the parking lot during SCF’s weekend services. The vision is to build a gymnasium/multi-purpose building on the land so young people, especially CityKidz, can develop Christ-centered relationships.

We go out weekly • Meet in the SCF Parking Lot

We have several CityKidz locations Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
 To join the team contact Rafael Robles (805) 658-7646 ext. 21.

CityKidz staff is well-trained and volunteers are screened before being allowed to join the team. South Coast Fellowship Staff and volunteers are committed to making sure that CityKidz children become strong followers of Jesus and help them discover God’s purpose for their lives.