Short Term Mission Trips

2014 Short Term Missions

Middle East

The Jordan trip focused on bringing the love of God to the Syrian refuges of have fled to Jordan. Jordan has many refuges camps filled with hurting people who need the love of God. We operated a medical outreach of 29 people, which included medical doctors, dentist, nurses and a prayer team for five days. The team operated out of the Church of the Nazarene in Zarqa Jordan. We were blessed to be able to minister to over 748 people and pray for almost all of them. All of the refuges that came got great medical help, material blessings, and most of all the love of God. For the majority of those that attended it was there first experience with Christians and most of all the unconditional Love of God. They were very appreciative and open to hear about a loving savior. The staff of Life Agape will follow up on as many as possible as well as the church staff. It was very rewarding to see the grief and pain lifted as our team ministered to the refuges. We had a number of instantaneous healings and I am positive we will receive many more reports of the miracle power of God.

We enjoyed some of the biblical sights in Jordan and then some of the team went to Israel and walked where Jesus walked. Galilee and Jerusalem are filled with the history of our Lord. Most all of the land marks are right out of the Bible and cause the Bible to come alive as you see the places where Jesus ministered. We also visited Bethlehem and our missionaries who work there. The trip finished with a graduation of a Bible College for Filipino’s who live in Israel. Jovie and Marilou Galaraga who are missionaries that South Coast Fellowship supports are doing a great job discipling this great people group who are caregivers in Israel. Mark you plans to be a part of our mission outreaches next year.


 Arizona Navajo Reservation

July 27 - August 2
Cost: $350
Contact:Bruce Sanders at

This is a great opportunity to help Pastor James Tunney on the Navajo Reservation as he reaches out to his community. Pastor Tunney continues to restore and repair the homes of the people in the community and we get to help. Also, we always try to better the condition of the church. You will learn a lot about the Navajo culture and be a part of a tent revival meeting that will take place while you are there. You will be blessed and be a blessing.

Orphange Emmanuel Honduras

August 8-15
Cost: $1,350
Contact: Kendra Reichardt at

Once again, we have the opportunity to go and help at Orphanage Emmanuel. We will do some construction, interact with all the kids, and do whatever is needed by David and Lydia. You will be able to meet the child you are sponsoring, if you are sponsoring one, and fall in love with the 450 plus kids who are living there. This trip has something for everyone and you will come back overflowing with the love of God.