SCF is an nondenominational church that has a heart to see people receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. We want everyone to be a part of the Family of God and to be discipled in the ways of the Lord. We are not people who are “tossed around by every wind of doctrine, but are rooted and grounded in the Word of God.”

We want to resemble the trees in Psalm 92 that are “flourishing in the house of the Lord.” We are committed to see everyone released into the place of significance that the Lord has prepared for them to occupy. Just as God had a place prepared for each tribe of Israel more than 2000 years ago, He also has a place of influence for each of us today. 

Our Story

We started as a home Bible study in 1978 and incorporated as World Reaching Faith in 1979. At that time, we had just a few adults with zeal and vision but no place to call our own. Pastor John Huffman and Pastor Larry Reichardt were co-pastors. From 1979 to 1992 the church continued to grow and move to different locations around the city until we moved into our present home at 4050 Market St., Ventura, California in 1994.

Our Beliefs

South Coast Fellowship was established and exists as a viable part of the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We believe that it is God’s love, extended to us by His grace, that enables us to become a living part of the Body of Christ. Because of that love we now offer ourselves to others as representatives of God’s Kingdom.