As we observe the life of Jesus as He traveled to the cross we notice how demanding and painful the last few days on the earth were. Not only did He suffer a lot of physical pain but He suffered a lot of emotional pain. Most of us recognize in our own lives that wither the pain is physical or emotional both of these are certainly not desirable. Jesus had spent His life pouring love into people and especially His disciples and the people turned against him and Judas sold Him for a price of a common slave. That is certainly not the reward He deserved for His labor of love. When He needed encouragement and prayer; Peter, James, and John fell asleep and failed Him. When the soldiers came to arrest Him, all of His twelve apostles ran in fear once again betraying Him at the height of need. The betrayals that hurt us the most are from the ones we love the most, that is why Peter’s betrayal must have given an opportunity for further emotional hurt. There were probably a lot of reasons that these betrayals took place but one that is important to me is that I am also going to be betrayed by people that I love. We have all walked through painful betrayals. What do we do when these take place? We imitate Jesus! We do what Jesus did and release forgiveness to the betrayers.  This is not easy but necessary if we are going to walk in a Christ like way. We will only be able to do this by accessing the strength of the Lord. When I do what is right, the strength of the Lord is there to help me. We also have to give the pain of the betrayal to the Lord. He carried that pain that is why I can believe for my pain to be removed. The pain may not leave immediately and the remembrance of the situation may cause the pain to rise up again, but at that time begin to speak that you are casting the pain and the remembrance of the betrayal on the Lord because He cares for you. That was the example that Jesus left us because He knew we would need a model to follow when we are betrayed by someone we love.

Scripture: I Peter 2:23