There used to be a popular song that said “why is everybody always picking on me”, have you ever felt like that? Or have you ever felt like saying, “what did I do to deserve this”? That is what false accusations make us feel like. It is one thing to get blamed for what I deserve but when I get accused for something I didn’t do, and then the flesh rises up and immediately starts defending. When I start this defense, usually my attitude is not very good. Imagine what Jesus went through when they accused Him in Matthew 26:59-63. He kept silent and didn’t answer. I can’t remember too many times that I have done that. Jesus went through an illegal trial that was filled with false accusations but He kept focused on the purposes of God in His life and didn’t stoop to the level of the accusers. He allowed the truth of His life to be what was heard and not the answer from His mouth. The victory was won when He showed love by going to the cross. He destroyed the schemes and desires of the enemy by not paying attention to the accusations of the devil through people but choose to walk the path of love the Father had for Him. The Lord is offering us the same strength in the face of accusations. One of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit is that He is an advocate or our lawyer. He is our defense attorney (I John 2:1) and is ready to go to trial for us and He will answer with truth. I am not saying that you can’t answer an accusation but I am saying that you must keep a Christ like attitude. A Christ like attitude is that love remains in your heart during the confrontation process. Imagine if you went to trial and the jury said you were innocent and then the judge said you were sentenced to death. What would be your attitude? I know I would be upset to say the least. But that is exactly what happened to Jesus, He was innocent but was sentenced to death. The consequence of His trust in the Father was freedom for all of us.  I am not saying you can’t respond when a false accusation comes but I am saying trust the Lord to cause truth to come forth. Walk in forgiveness toward the accusers and pray for those who accuse you. Scripture says to rejoice when this happens. Maybe you are not ready to rejoice right now but know that God is faithful and you are His child and Dad will take care of you.

Scripture: Matthew 5: 11, 12