Have you ever thought why they put a crown of thorns on Jesus’ head and caused the blood to flow over His head and face? (John 19:11-14) What a humiliating and over the top mockery. I am sure there were sarcasm, laughter, and insults flying at Jesus. Not even to mention the physical abuse that Jesus suffered as they slapped Him around. Does that seem like a little too much to you, as it does to me? Why would the Lord allow that? I am sure you have figured out where I am going with this. Have you ever been mocked or made fun of by someone close to you. I remember when I was in school they called me four eyes because I wore glasses. You might have been short, tall, skinny, or fat and received your share of mockery. The truth is that the Lord took that mockery so I don’t have to allow it to effect my self image. First of all, my physical appearance is not the real me. Secondly, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Best of all, I am what the Lord says I am not what other people say I am. They made fun of Jesus being a king but that didn’t change the fact that He was the King or Kings. (John 18:37) You and I have to decide that we are what the Lord says we are and no amount of mocking by people is going to change that reality. We have to be confident we have the mind of Christ and we can think God thoughts and we can keep our mind focused on what the Lord says about us. We can replace those negative thoughts and sarcasm that people throw at us and we can replace those negative thoughts with thoughts that line up to what the word says about us. We are not ignorant of the enemy’s ways which always try and get us to think about things that are going to bring anxiety and depression instead of meditating the word which brings joy. Here is a statement that I want you to ponder today. “You are what the Lord says you are because He paid the price on the cross for you to be that”. He allowed the curse to be put on His head (the thorns came from the curse) so that we could put His word in our minds. Stay focused on who you are in Christ and not what the lies of the enemy are telling you. Keep declaring that your mind is covered with the blood and you can think on things that are lovely, pure and of a good report.  

Scripture: I Corinthians 2:12