In the 16th chapter of Acts we see the heart of God toward families. Twice during this chapter we see households saved. It is great when a one person accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior but how about a whole household, that is really special. I know most of us have at least one in our immediate household who still needs to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Chapter 16 is a great place to be encouraged. We see Lydia who is a business lady accept Christ and the rest of the household follows and makes the same decision. We see a man who is a jailer accept the good news of the Gospel and his whole household follow after him. Twelve different times in scripture it specifically mentions the fact of whole household entering into the kingdom of God. In Exodus chapter 12 we see the blood covering a whole household and death was not able to touch the blood covered household. This shows us that the Father wants all households covered. We see Noah and his whole household saved from destruction. Cornelius and his immediate household and even his close friends all receive salvation as they all put their trust in  Christ. Rahab gathered her family together and put out the scarlet rope and her household was saved. In Acts 18:8, the word shows us that Crispus and his whole household believed in the Lord. All of these scriptures should be a place of encouragement The Lord is showing us His heart for your household. We see the picture of a woman receiving Christ and her household following. We see a man receiving the Gospel and his whole household following along. Scripture is encouraging us that a man or women can open the door of their household and the rest can follow right behind. I know most of you reading this devotional have received Christ therefore you can expect the rest of your family to also put their trust in Christ. The heart of God is for you to have a complete family circle in heaven, not one family person missing!  



(Acts 16:31 NIV)  They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved--you and your household."