Isaiah 53:5 states that Christ was wounded for our transgressions. We can see on of the victories on the cross was that Jesus paid for my transgressions. What is the definition of transgressions? A transgression simply means that I know what I should not do but I go ahead and do it anyway. It is like when you see a No Trespassing sign but you go on the property anyway. After I do something like this then there is immediate shame since I knew better but willfully violated my conscience. Do any of these statements sound familiar: I should not have gotten drunk but I did, I should not have been looking at the pornographic website, I should not have gotten into this much debt, and the list goes on? We even have a hard time asking people to pray with us about issues like these because we are embarrassed since we do know better but we have transgressed. That is why I must know that Jesus paid the price for my transgressions which should persuade my heart that I can run to the Lord for forgiveness. Also I am able to run to my close brothers or sisters in Christ and ask for them to keep me accountable so that I will not fall again. We all are being transformed into the image of Christ and we need the Holy Spirit and others help for this transformation to take place. Don’t allow the enemy to keep you in shame and become isolated with your transgression but bring it into the light and allow the healing power of the Lord and the love of your fellow believers to help this healing take place.  The Lord wants you to experience the consequence of what He did on the cross when He was pierced for our transgressions.

Scripture: Isaiah 53:5