Sin is always an issue that you and I are dealing with in our lives. Sin’s basic definition means we miss the bull’s eye on the target of life that the Lord has set before us. Why do I miss the mark? A lot of our sin has to do with a lack of knowledge and sometimes it is willful disobedience. Have you ever thought: “if I knew what I know now I would have handled this situation differently”? Then we usually feel guilty for missing what God had for us. The Devil is good at helping us miss the mark and he is really good at making us feel guilty. The exciting news today is that sin and guilt was paid for when Jesus went to the cross. Romans 6:6 states that sin no longer has dominion over me and the guilt of sin was also paid on the cross as Romans 8:1 shows us there is no more condemnation. Romans 6:4 gives us hope that we can live a new life filled with expectation because of what Jesus did on the cross. Don’t look back and make a memorial of the negatives in your past that cause you grief but remember what the Lord has for your future. Even if you and I did miss the mark the Lord is able to make up for lost time since He is the author and finisher of our faith. Paul didn’t start out honoring God in his life but he certainly ended up bringing glory to God.  Paul said that he once was the chief of sinners but I think all of us would agree he ended up being one of the strongest of saints. Let’s end up strong by making a commitment to stay in the word and trusting the Lord to manifest His word in our lives.  

Scripture: Romans 6:4 (Message)