As you read Psalms 5 you can sense that David is in a place like a lot of us. It seems like his enemies are winning and he is loosing. He asks the Lord to hear his cry for help. Have you ever ask the Lord to hear your cry for help? I know I certainly have. Then David jumps back into faith and does something that we need to practice. He says in the morning he puts his request before the Lord and then he waits in expectation for the Lord’s answer. Do you and I walk through the day with expectation anticipating the Lord’s answer? David acknowledges that there is protection and a place of refuge for those who call on the Lord. We can have a place of confidence in the presence of the Lord. I like the way that David finishes the Psalm by proclaiming that we have a shield of favor surrounding us not a shield of disaster. Let’s make our request this morning to the Lord and expect His favor to bless us and then be sure to have your spiritual eyes open to see your request answered. 


(Psa 5:3 NLT)Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly