Psalms 8 is a psalm that I am sure you have read many times. It certainly contains a lot of concepts that will help us walk in victory! We will focus on one of them. The truth is found in verse 2, when David says, that from the mouth of infants comes praise that will give them strength and cause defeat to their enemies. As we give praise about the character of God, even if we are young in the Lord, there is a warfare that takes place in the heavenly realm. I have found when circumstance begin to pressure me, if I will just turn and rejoice in the Lord and thank Him for who He is and what He has done in the past in my life, there rises up a strength inside of me. As I become God focused, I start remembering how great my God is and what a miracle worker I serve. Past victories begin to come to mind and the problem which is usually still there doesn’t seem nearly as big. The psalm goes on to say that it silences the avenger! What does that imply? It simply means that in the heavenly realm, where the fight really takes place, I have just struck some powerful blows. How many times do we read that the battle is the Lord’s? But don’t I have to do something? Of course I do. I need to give praise and it becomes a powerful force that begins to drive the enemy back. So often, we begin to become stressed out or we begin to fight in a flesh and blood way instead of following David’s advice. Be like a child and begin to give praise and we will find out that strength will be ours and the avenger of our soul will be silenced.