Have you ever felt like everything that could happen, had happened and then found out you were wrong because something worse took place? I know everyone of us have had that experience. We probably felt like David but never had the nerve to say what He said. David told the Lord to wake up and take care of Him. I know I have thought sometimes that the Lord was not listening to my prayer and was busy helping someone else because it didn’t seem like He was helping me. David was more open with the Lord than I am and he said “Awake”. Now we all know the Lord is always awake but I think we can all relate to David and the feelings he was having toward the Lord. David quickly turns around and states the greatest concept. He declares that when the enemy digs a pit for me to be trapped in; the pit turns out to be a place where he falls into. When the enemy causes trouble for me, the trouble will come back and fall on him. David reminds the enemy that attacking God’s child does not work. David finishes the Psalm with another important concept and that is praise. We need to be people who pray and then enter into giving thanksgiving and singing praise because we are confident that the Lord is not sleeping. He will take care of His children and there is no weapon that is formed against us that will prosper. We are going to keep our heart right toward the Lord and watch the Lord be our shield and save the upright in heart. 

(Psa 7:16 NLT)  They make trouble, but it backfires on them. They plan violence for others, but it falls on their own heads.