Psalms 22:9-18 

This passage is a picture of our Lord on the cross and His suffering for us. The first thing we see in verse 9 and 10 is that the Father and Son have such a close relationship, which was present in the womb. This verifies the humanity of Jesus and shows the closeness of the Father and the Son. This is important because it is the same for us, we were known in our mother’s womb and the Father was there with us. Then we see that Jesus was surrounded by trouble. Can you relate to having trouble coming at you from every side? The devil was trying his very best to kill Jesus before He reached the cross. But Jesus willing walked into the Devil’s trap and allowed His bones to be put out of joint, His life blood was poured out like water, insults were thrown at Him, and His hands and feet were pierced. What a sight that David saw, and he saw it long before that it took place. Why did the Lord show David this before it happened? I think there are two great applications for you and me. The first one is obvious and speaks of the great love that the Father has for His kids. He gave His Son and told Him what He would go through to purchase our freedom. How would you like to know that you were going to go through a horrible death like this before you went through it? Love knew what was going to take place and still was willing to go through it. The second is just as profound. The devil threw everything he had at Jesus. The cruelest pain, the most insults, everyone an enemy, the ultimate disgrace of how Jesus died, but the Lord was victorious in all of it. In this psalm, David painted two things that you want to keep in mind, Great love and great victory both purchased on the cross for you. 


(Psa 22:11 NIV)  Do not be far from me, for trouble is near and there is no one to help.