As we read the paper and listen to the news it could easily cause fear to rise up in our hearts. We see over and over again where man’s wisdom only gets us into more disastrous situation. We also see how many are trying to take the influence of God out of the public sector which is removing the answer from the problem. It sometimes seems like Christianity is losing and the Evil one is winning. Read Psalms 2 and be encouraged because it says the Lord laughs at all of these attempts to remove a Godly influence. We need to learn to laugh also. Why should I laugh, because the Lord’s purposes are going to be done? Verse 10 reminds the kings of this earth that the Lord has established His order and His wrath could rise up at any moment. You and I have to keep focusing on the end intended by the Lord. We keep serving Him with reverence and awe. Go out and look at the stars and ask yourself if any natural ruler could hold the stars in place and of course your answer is no. We serve a God who holds the whole universe together and knows my name and the number of hairs on my head. The Psalm ends by saying that who ever takes refuge in the Lord is blessed. Keep reminding yourself after every news cast that the Lord has installed His King and King Jesus is going to rule for ever and you and I are a part of that Kingdom. 


(Psa 2:6 NIV)  "I have installed my King on Zion, my holy hill."