In John 10:10 we see two important concepts. One concept is that the devil is a thief and he is always a predator who is trying to steal from us. The other concept is that God is a giver and His heart is to give to all of His children an abundant life. The devil would like to steal your health from you but we do not have to allow that to happen.  At the first sign of a physical symptom that is contrary to health, we should begin to speak that our Father has willed to give us abundant life and we receive that gift and we will not accept death. As soon as you speak God’s word then the Lord will be able to fulfill His word in our life. The life that the Lord desires to give is defined as a life that is full of life and it contains no death. Make a determination that this week you will be thanking the Lord for abundant life that the Lord promised in His word.


Scripture: John 10:10