As we read Psalms 16 we are going to be really encouraged. Most commentaries believe that this psalm is a prophetic picture of Christ. Christ knew that He was a lamb slain before the foundation of the world and He also knew He was going to rule and reign forever. However, there was a day when He was made to be sin that He cried out that He was forsaken. There was not a feeling of God’s presence but by faith He knew God was with Him. Christ stated in this Psalm that David proclaimed 100 of years before His body would not be left in the grave and it would not suffer decay. When He was in the grave for the three days and nights, that revelation of the will of God was what brought Him joy. When we are in our graves of difficulty, the truth of God’s word will bring us joy and we can also shout that we are coming out of the grave. Jesus could shout for joy right in the middle of His darkest moment because His trust was in His Father. We can put our trust in the same Father. His word to us is just as powerful as His word was to Jesus! We will not be forsaken, we will not stay in the grave, we will not rot, and we will have the pleasure of living with Him forever. However, we must put our trust in the Lord and keep the Lord ever in front of us. You and I can not focus on the grave but on the one who is going to bring us out of the grave. We need to stand believing that He will grant us joy in His presence and we will live with Him forever. Declare that the Lord is your refuge and He brings you only good things. 

(Psa 16:8 NLT)  I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.