Luke 23:39-43 tells us about the two criminals who were crucified on both sides of Jesus. We can see from this passage that they were jeering and hurling abuse at Jesus just like the crowd. But something changed in the heart of one of the condemned criminals. What do you think happened? Was it the love that Jesus was demonstrating? Was it the power of Jesus’ words? Had he heard about Jesus, and all of a sudden the truth about Jesus began to be seen? Whatever happened, he had a change of heart. Hope for eternity must have sprung up in His heart. He admitted his sin and cried out for Jesus to remember him in His kingdom! At this point in time, Jesus did not look like a reigning king. The thief had allowed the power of God to change his vision. He no longer was looking at a natural kingdom or a natural kingdom but he had gotten a view of something that could not be seen with the natural eye. He reached out for the eternal kingdom that Jesus was offering. Jesus responded to the criminal’s faith and told him that he would be with Him in Paradise that very day. This should encourage us to never waiver in our faith in the promises of God’s word. If a criminal who knew practically nothing about the character of God, can put his eternity into the hands of Jesus; we certainly who know a lot should never waver. We don’t want to be like the other criminal who was along side of Christ but never received any benefit of his position. We are people who have seen personally and historically all the Lord has done and we need to be unwavering in our confidence in the Lord. I want you to hear the Lord say to you, “Today you will be with me in my Kingdom promises”. I want you to be full of hope. Hope sprang up in one criminal’s heart and death in the other. We are people of life because of Jesus the live giver. 


Scripture: (Luke 23:42 NLT) Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom."

(Luke 23:43 NLT)  And Jesus replied, "I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise."