One thing that we notice in John 19:26, 27 about Jesus on the Cross is that He certainly was responsible! Here, He is, at a moment of weakness and pain and He speaks to John to take care of His mother. Isn’t that amazing? That is certainly a picture of being sure that all my given responsibilities are properly taken care of, no matter what the circumstances. We are very good at rationalizing; not taking care of given duties and showing how this circumstance or that emergency was the reason we could not fulfill a given task. However, Jesus washes that away with His action on the cross. This picture shows that the strength of the Lord will be there to take care of the actions that are necessary. God will always make a way if I am willing. I know in my own life there are times that I don’t do like Ephesians 5:23 states. The scripture says I do everything as if I am working for the Lord and not man. Also, Philippians 2:14 states that I am not allowed to murmur. Those scriptures certainly challenge me but it was certainly modeled by the Lord. A second thought that I would like you to think about; was the command given for Mary or John?  Mary had other children who were there to take care of her. We know that James and Jude both wrote in the New Testament so they certainly were responsible. Could it possibly been for John so that he could receive the Godly influence of this women who found favor with the Lord. A woman who had watched suffering and stayed focused on her son and seen the purposes of God worked out. John received the responsibility but that responsibility would put him in a place to receive love and care from a Godly woman. Anytime the Lord gives us something to do it will always end up benefiting us. So accept your responsibility and rejoice in it because you are going to be strengthened and blessed. 


Scripture: Ephesians 5:23