Psalms 22:19-31

It is great to know how the story will end and the end of this Psalm gives us a picture of the End. It shows us that we can cry unto the Lord and He will hear us. Verse 27 is a favorite, since it shows us that the nations are going to turn to the Lord. As we look around our world, that seems impossible. It appears that just the opposite is true. We see nations that have laws that forbid turning to Christ. We have many nations where Christians are persecuted on a regular bases. Even in our own country that was founded on Christian principles; we see a falling away from Christian values and Christian integrity. However, we know the end of the story. The Lord tells us that nations will bow before Him in worship. That keeps me encouraged when I see evidence that says that the opposite is true; I know that God is true and His word will manifest. A seed will serve Him and we are a part of that seed. We will proclaim to the next generation that will be born how good our God is and how much He loves His people. Do not let the world’s news lie to you and say that Christianity is on the way out or the church is done and is not relevant any longer or that young people are not going to believe in God. We know the end of the story. God will reign and he will be the governor among the nations. I am excited to be on the winning team and encouraging you to worship and not worry, because our future in secure in the Lord. 

(Psa 22:27 NLT)  The whole earth will acknowledge the LORD and return to him. People from every nation will bow down before him.