Psalms 22:6 slips into a declaration of prophecy where the Holy Spirit begins to paint a picture of the cross. It is amazing to me that the Holy Spirit with such great accuracy begins to show us the suffering that our Savior went through for all of us long before it happened. In verse 6, there is a statement saying the Lord was like a worm. The Hebrew word used for worm identifies it as a worm that was crushed and its blood was used for scarlet dye on the robes of royalty.  Is that amazing? Our Savior was crushed like a worm and His blood becomes a dye for us that we might be scarlet and covered like royalty. Our sins are washed in the blood and we get garments that have the color of royalty! When scriptures like Colossians 3:9, 10 tell us to take off our old clothes and put on new garments, we are putting on garments that are scarlet and have been dyed with the blood that Jesus shed on the cross. All demonic powers can recognize the color of these garments since they know the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit goes on to say that Jesus was despised by people but that did not stop Him from doing what He and the Father had determined to do. You and I with new blood washed garments can walk right through the ridicule of men because Jesus set the example and the Holy Spirit will provide the strength. They hurled insults but He walked in victory and we can also. What a great victory at Calvary! Wear your new garments with confidence. 


(Psa 22:6 NIV)  But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by men and despised by the people.