David starts out Psalm 14 by saying that only fools say in their heart there is no God. Then he begins to explain what a fool looks like. They are corrupt, they don’t understand God, they turn away from Godly principles, they don’t do activities that benefit, they live in fear, and they prey on the poor. David then gives three great pictures of what the person who believes that God is alive can expect to experience. The Lord is present! How is that for good news? The Lord is always right there with us. The fool says there is no God and we say the Lord is always present with us. Right now as you are reading this, know the Lord is present and not only present but He is with you to help and be involved in helping you in every aspect of your life. Second the Lord is our refuge. The word refuge means shelter, hope, trust, a place to run, and a place of refuge. Lace up your tennis shoes and run to your refuge, knowing you are protected by the Lord who is present. The third confidence we have is that the Lord will restore our fortunes. This means all of our loses are going to turn to gains. Those areas that have been stolen from us are going to be brought back to us. This doesn’t just apply to money but anything of value. That might mean relationships, positions, health or anything that you would consider of value. The Lord is working to see that you are restored. The heart of God is shown in Job 42 when we see the Lord repay Job twice as much as he had before. Presence, refuge, and restoration are pretty exciting promises for us who know that God is alive! 

(Psa 14:1 NLT)  Only fools say in their hearts, "There is no God." They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; no one does good!