It is great to read the Psalms and find out that David feels just like we do and does the same thing that we do. He begins this Psalm by looking around and asking the Lord why is it, that is seems like the Lord has forgotten him. I am sure, when nothing is changing, that you have wondered just like me, is the Lord really listening to my prayer? David laments that his head is filled with all kind of thoughts that have to be wrestled down. Scripture tells us to take every thought captive. There is a full time job! But David comes back and gives us some steps for victory. 

First, simply put your trust in the unfailing love of God. Keep looking at the cross and be reminded that this kind of love never fails. You were born again because His love never fails. 

Second, I need to rejoice in my salvation. Rejoice means I need to express joy again. Thank the Lord for His salvation. The word salvation literally means Jesus. Give thanks for Jesus because in Him you have deliverance, victory, prosperity, health, and welfare.

 Third, it says to sing to the Lord. This is a great way to release faith by just singing your own song, thanking the Lord that He has been good to you. Remember all of His benefits and speak them out because it will build your faith and help you to believe for the future. Let’s learn from David a great lesson that allows us to share our heart pain but also come back to the truth that the unfailing love of the Lord never fails. 

(Psa 13:5 NIV) But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.