Psalm 23 is probably the best known of all the Psalms. This Psalm of David has brought strength and peace to millions of people who have read and memorized it. I am sure you have heard it read in situations that were Christian and those that were not. It certainly is a Psalm that brings hope to all. As you read the first two verses, you will see a great characteristic of the Father’s heart. David describes the Lord as a good shepherd. This was very real to David, since he spent many of his formative years as a shepherd. He looked back on his life and he could see the leading of the Lord in his past. He would remember how he never suffered want. The shepherd would provide for his needs and Jehovah Jireh will still do that for you today! He could also recall how the Lord led him out of the grasp of his enemies and how the shepherd was there to offer not only direction but safety against his enemies. He could recall when the enemy would come in one way the Good Shepherd would lead him out another way. The Great Shepherd always has a way of escape. No matter what kind of attack you are under allow the Great Shepherd to lead you to some green pastures and still waters. If a sheep got into a fast moving stream, his wool would become wet and he could drown. That is why the Good Shepherd leads us to quiet water. The shepherd also makes us lie down in green pastures. Maybe you need to lie down and experience the peace of God. Call on the Lord and He will answer you and give you some still water to lie down by. If you need provision or rest, the Good Shepherd is ready to provide; just be obedient to follow His direction.


(Psa 23:1 NIV)  A psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.