Saint Valentine was a real person, a Roman Priest at a time when Emperor Claudias II was persecuting the Church.

Sources indicate that Emperor Claudius II had Valentinus as he was called, executed for secretly marrying Roman soldiers, defying an order from the emperor that soldiers were not allowed to marry. Claudius banned all marriages and engagements. However, Valentinus secretly married couples until he was apprehended. The emperor was having difficulty-recruiting soldiers, believing that Roman men were unwilling to leave their loved ones because soldiers were required to fight at least 25 years. However, Valentinus continued secretly marrying couples until he was apprehended. He suffered a martyr’s death for his actions and faith. 


There are several legends about Saint Valentine. It is even believed that Valentinus tried to convert Emperor Claudius.  Another legend says that during Valentinus’s imprisonment, while awaiting execution, he restored the sight of his jailer’s daughter resulting in her conversion and that of her father.  Another says that on the eve of his death, he wrote a note to the jailer’s daughter and signed it “From your Valentine.” Hence the name.  In the year 269AD, Valentine was sentenced to death – a horrible martyr’s death.  

Love is seeking someone’s highest good even at your own expense.
— Pastor Bill Ballard


Love is seeking someone’s highest good even at your own expense. By that definition, love is self sacrificial. As you celebrate your loved ones today, reflect on the sacrifice of Christ. He willingly gave Himself to be beaten, ridiculed even unto death so that we might brought back toGod. The ability to live such a radical life of love comes with the power of the Holy Spirit. We can do that ”even to the point of death."

Pastor Aaron Kajumba