Valson & Laly Abraham

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Valson is the founder of India Gospel Outreach (IGO) which is widely respected throughout India. IGO is successfully planting churches in every zip code in India. There are 27, 000+ zip codes and they have already planted over 7,000 churches. IGO has also established Christ-centered colleges and training centers. They are also active in the slums where they are educating and evangelizing children, which gives them the opportunity to bless their Hindu and Muslim parents. Click here for more information on India Gospel Outreach.


Population: 1,214,464,312
74% Hindu • 14% Muslim • 6% Christian

Pray For:

  • Safety for IGO Evangelists as they preach in the Gugarat area

  • Strength for Valson as he teaches at each of the 13 Bible Schools

  • Finances to cover the debt of the India Bible School at Kerala

Contact Info:

P.O. Box 550
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91329


Missionaries since 1993