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January 2019

With love, from Iraq. 

Dearest friends, 

Happy New Year! 
I think of you fondly and pray for you as the Spirit leads. I declare renewed faith over you as we embark on the adventure of 2019 in step with Jesus. 

As you may have guessed, I have many exciting changes to tell you about in this new season. 

1. I am relocating to Northern Iraq/Kurdistan to lead a new team. My prayers last year to be joined with a team of like-minded individuals on the field have been answered! My small team is replacing a team in Northern Iraq that works with Muslim Arabs, Kurds, and Yezidi people groups. All three of these groups are considered Unreached People Groups by Joshua Project, and we are excited to have access to them through our NGO status in Kurdistan. 

2. I am transitioning from my current sending agency to a new organization. In January 2018 I began an 11- month online training with Burn 24-7 that led to a short missions trip to Iraq in June. After this trip, Light A Candle, the missions branch of Burn 24-7, recruited me to join them in Iraq as team leader. It has been quite the process of praying, waiting, and counseling with others to decide to make the switch from Globe International to Light A Candle. Globe sends me off with their blessing and excitement for my new opportunity to serve with a team that has the same heart for worship and prayer as the center of our ministry to the lost. 

3.  All financial contributions through Globe International will need to be reinitiated online through Light A Candle. If funds are not switched over, Globe will allocate funds to a missionary of their choice. You can set-up payments here: I have included a direct link on this page for your convenience. You will see my name listed as Kerilynn Schmitt on the drop-down tab. This is a 501c(3). Your donations are tax deductible and you will receive a giving statement. I thank you for your faithfulness to participate in expanding the Kingdom of Jesus thus far. I hope you will continue to invest. I truly believe the best is yet to come and the harvest is ripe in Iraq. 

4. This past year has been the "best of times and the worst of times" as I have walked through some persistent health issues and PTSD and have had to slow down enough to let myself do the hard work of healing and learning new ways of managing life.  Never before have I had a season like this. I thank you for your love, your patience, your prayers and friendship that have ministered deeply to me during this time. I have much more I could say about what I have learned and grown in and how the Lord has been faithful to meet me in this season. I plan to share more with you in following newsletters. 

Visiting a Yazidi community in Kurdistan last June.

Visiting a Yazidi community in Kurdistan last June.

Muslim refugee children who fled from ISIS in Mosul.

Muslim refugee children who fled from ISIS in Mosul.

I wanted to keep this one, but they wouldn't let me ; )

I wanted to keep this one, but they wouldn't let me ; )


I will have much to share with you in the coming days, but let me get you up to speed on a few important items/prayer requests. 

I felt the Lord very clearly prompt me just over a week ago to do a quick scouting trip to Iraq/Kurdistan ASAP. My team arrived ahead of me this week and I haven't been able to scout out the area to see what I need on a practical level to live there. Light A Candle is scheduled to do a large distribution of goods for refugees in March and I need to get the NGO paperwork in order and get the ball rolling for the distribution. My plan is to leave today (Wed) and return to the US in early Feb to wrap up my medical plan, take care of loose ends (and visit with some of you in the Pensacola area) and return to Iraq in Feb/March. 

Please pray for safety, health and for my new team as we settle into our new home and life together. 

Please pray for favor with the NGO paperwork renewal and the right relationships/opportunities for the March distribution. 

Mostly, pray that I can remain close to the heart of Jesus, and for His beautiful name to be lifted high in Iraq. I look forward to seeing those who do not yet know Him be drawn to Him as we exalt His name! 

With much love, 



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