Cristina MELIN


Cristina is a multi-gifted missionary who has been in Brazil since 1990 as a trainer to the trainers. During her years of service she has conducted training seminars teaching in subjects of Christian education, pastoral counseling and pastoral psychology. She, also published a book on teaching techniques based on Biblical principals for both Christian and secular educators, and translated many printed materials from English to Portuguese. She is currently involved in administration and development of a new Bible College and Teacher Training Center that is sponsored by a local church.

Pray for

Health and strength as she continues to equip and encourage the church leaders and teachers of Brazil. Increase of financial and prayer supporters who will be committed to her ministry.

May 9

Contact Info
Rua 21 de Abril Quad 11 Lote 13 #1
Alvorada, CEP 75084 640
Anapolis, Goias, Brazil

Missionary since 1988