A native of New Zealand, John Dawson has traveled throughout the world for many years with his wife, Julie and daughter Rachel. They have four children, three adult sons involved in missions in three countries along with young Rachel. The children range in age from 27 to 7.

John is a well-loved leader in the international church who at one time served on 41 boards before prioritizing four key networks. He currently helps to give oversight to the Aglow International women’s movement, March for Jesus International, Youth With A Mission International and the International Reconciliation Coalition.

John served as Founder/Director of Youth With A Mission-Los Angeles until appointed the organization’s International Director of Urban Missions, a network of around 3,200 full-time evangelism and social service personnel working in the 300+ world-class cities in over 100 countries. In 1997 this responsibility was delegated to a new director. Since September 2003, John has served as the International President with Youth With A Mission.

In 1990, John founded the International Reconciliation Coalition; a network of Christian leaders dedicated to healing wounds between people groups and elements of society. Beginning with Native American and African American issues, the coalition has quickly become a global network, dealing with the wounds of many nations. Over 50 major reconciliation initiatives have taken place, including Japanese efforts to deal with the war era and the Europeans walking the Crusades routes of 900 years ago, seeking forgiveness for violence against Muslims and Jews.

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