for the next 120 days we will commit to Pray, serve, and give in order to enhance the following areas.

South Coast General Signage

Many people pass us on Market Street and may never know we are a church. Our goal is to become more visible by adding the following:

  • Upright banners along front of our building 

  • Large banner sign on our parking fence

  • A-frame signs on Main Street and key street corners 

  • Parking directional signs

COST:  $2000

South Coast Kids Environment and Visibility Improvements

We will be creating a new SCK’s entrance on the Walker Street side of our building. This will be designed to create an excitement for children from the moment they walk on the SCF campus. We will also make the following improvements to our SCK’s areas: 

  • Lobby and hallway directional signs

  • Centrally locate all children 3 months to Kindergarten on the main floor

  • Ground floor large Kid’s environment 

    •   Stage for worship and teaching 

    •   Engaging stations for the Last 15 

COST: $2000

Community on the Patio

We will be creating an amazing place to connect on the weekends and for special events at South Coast.  Outdoor seating areas and shaded environments where greeters can welcome and direct guests the moment they arrive on campus

COST:  $1000

The Last 15

We place a high value on connection at South Coast and want to encourage those who attend a gathering to take the Last 15 minutes to simply enjoy each other’s company.  We are creating more space in our main lobby for this connection as well as  a complimentary fresh brewed coffee area. We will also let parents know that there is no hurry to pick up their children as we are providing additional fun and engaging activities for all SCK’s during the Last 15.  

COST:  $500

Journey Groups

Groups will begin in September meeting together for “CORE” a 7 week session on discipleship facilitated by Pastor Ricardo.  This round table setting will give our Journey Groups a chance to learn, discuss and grow in relationship with God and community with each other.


Single Mom’s Oil Change

We are passionate about serving our city and because of just that we are committing to changing the oil of 50 vehicles belonging to single moms in our city. This will be a complimentary service to them.  We will also provide a place for moms to wait with their children with snacks and a place to play as their vehicle is being serviced.

COST: $1500